Secondary Containment

WCT Industrial Inc. offers Secondary Containment and Polyurea applications of all types however; we specialize in Geotextile Laminate Containment Systems.

In addition to this specialty we provide, Polyurea protective coatings which are also commonly used for Abrasion Resistance, Corrosion Protection, Waterproofing, Chemical, Environment or Atmospheric Resistance and Structural Enhancement.

Polyurea can also be applied over a variety of different substrates (concrete, metals, wood and more) in a wide range of atmospheric conditions and, unlike HDP systems, it offers intricate design capabilities and the ability to adhere to different substrates without complex bolting/fastening systems.

WCT’s Sandblasting and Coating experience plays a significant, critical role in Secondary Containment and Polyurea Lining. Our expertise in these areas enables us to flag design/specification problems and requirements for “softening” of ground conditions, consideration of expansion and contraction, surface preparation and priming requirements.

A small list of benefits of Polyurea over other types of systems are as follows:

  • Protective membrane on metal, masonry, wooden reservoirs, silos and many kinds of pipes and stone slabs
  • Excellent cold weather flexibility
  • Available in “Fire Retardant” version
  • Excellent resistance to the calorific impact

Rain Guard Tank Skirting

WCT is now offering tank skirting options with our lining systems.

With larger tank designs water run-off has become a significant concern, not only causing erosion but also introducing the potential to undermine tank bases and/or allow for water egress to start underside corrosion. In certain cases, tank inspections have revealed that the internal floor coating remains in good condition, however steel thickness has been lost due to soil side corrosion. This results in weld repairs and coating repairs

One strategy to manage water run-off is by installing an asphalt perimeter, however; due to weather conditions, low compaction and freeze/thaw cycles, asphalt’s life cycle will not only be lower than normal paving conditions but can actually direct water to the tank. This occurs as the asphalt cracks, deteriorates and heaves towards the tank.

Tank skirting prevents these issues by directly adhering to the tank’s exposed annular ring forming a complete seal that does not require a mechanical means of attachment (i.e. clamps, bolts, tape, etc.). This coupled with the products flexibility, durability and puncture resistance offers a lifelong solution.

Secondary Containment Linings and Rain Guard can also be installed with a non-skid surface to increase safety. Although we texture all of our linings to provide a degree of slip protection, additional aggregates can be incorporated in the lining to ensure traction in all weather conditions.

Not all non-skid surfaces are created equally, the following are key characteristics to be aware of in a non-skid surface.

  1. Aggregate haphazardly thrown into the product leads to inconsistent texturing, with an excessive amount of aggregate in one place and an insufficient amount in another. WCT’s refined techniques allow for even distribution of a minimum .038 lbs per square foot of material. A rule of thumb for checking for non-skid attributes is; the shinier the look, the more slippery the surface.
  2. When non-skid properties are applied inconsistently there is a tendency for the aggregate to simply drop on top of the liner. This drastically reduces the non-skid properties because of poor adhesion, which allows the aggregate to be easily scuffed off leaving the area with little or no protection. This is compounded in higher traffic areas. WCT’s application ensures that all aggregate is fully impregnated in the lining. Our experience is that, in order to ensure the durability and longevity of the texture more product is needed to completely seal. Many companies are reluctant to use more product due to increased costs for them or a lack of craftsmanship. WCT believes that providing a reliable product and satisfying our clients is worth this additional cost.
  3. Finding the proper size of aggregate is important, there is a fine line between offering too small and too large. Too small does not offer the required protection and too large may create voids in the lining that can facilitate liquid egress and thus not provide a contained area.

WCT offers the largest aggregate size possible based on these concerns, ensuring a quality non-skid surface.

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